Privacy & Policy

Ek Takay Shikkha Foundation- এক টাকায় শিক্ষা ফাউন্ডেশন recognizes the importance of protecting the confidentiality of information. And so we keep the information safe and secure that you have given us while registering. We have a privacy policy that keeps the donors’ and beneficiaries’ data secure.

Personal identification information Ek Takay Shikkha Foundation does not automatically collect the donors' personal identification information. Donors' personal information is collected only when a donor voluntarily submits it through our form. Information, such as – names, email addresses, and messages. We use emails to respond to their messages. However, we collect this fact to enhance the donor experience. ( এবং most importantly কে কখন কত টাকা দিচ্ছে এবং তা আমরা কোথায় খরচ করছি তার স্বচ্ছতা নিশ্চিত করার জন্য) Non-personal identification information We collect non-personal identifiable facts about donors only when they interact with our site. Non-personal identification information may include the browser name, IP address. Also, technical facts about the type of computer, and the way users interact with our site may be included. How we use your personal data We use your info to provide you with a variety of facts. We inform you about our different activities. Also, let you know about our different kinds of school and Madrasah event. So that you easily can connect with us. We also use your info under the rules

  • For providing information about our work or our activities
  • To notify you about our updates
  • To provide various facts about events and festivals that you have registered
  • For providing info and other related content of the event and festival
  • To notify you about speakers, sponsors, and other attendees of the event and festival
  • To provide our newsletters based on your consent
  • To provide our publications based on your consent
  • For answering your questions Also for providing related services and answers To respond to the application for employment To ensure that our site content is presented most effectively for you and your computer Where we must disclose your info per the rules Otherwise, we must use your info per the rules Thus ETS uses your info.

    How we protect your information ETS Foundation site is in observance of PCI vulnerability standards. So that we can create as secure an environment as possible for users. Besides, we do not sell, trade, or rent facts about the user’s personal identity to anyone else. Changes in the privacy policy However, this privacy policy was updated on October 30, 2022. We reserve the right to change this privacy policy at any time for the betterment of our foundation. We may also change the terms at any time at our own discretion. It is your responsibility to periodically check whether we have made any changes to the policy. As well as, your continuing access to our services indicates your acceptance of any existing privacy policy. If you have any questions about our privacy policy. Then please contact us from this page. [Contact us] How to contact us If you want to know more info about our privacy policy. Then you can contact us. You can contact us by e-mail. E-mail address: Office address You can also come to our office. And can contact us directly. The office address of Ek Takay Shikkha Foundation Karim Monjil, Zero Point, Chittagong University, Hathazari, Chittagong. contact:

    Updated on: 30 October 2022